The Tool Box

Here’s a bunch of the tools that we’ve used for our projects.  When I start a project, the first thing I do is check what tools I’ll need to complete the project. That way I can get the tools I’ll need at the same time that I get the materials for the project, so I can minimize my home improvement store runs.

Here’s a list of our good ol’ faithfuls. If a tool makes it to the list below, we either use it ALL the time or we used it once or twice and it was sooo useful it got added to the list.

I hope this list helps cut down on your runs to the home improvement stores too. 🙂


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I use my cordless drill maybe even more than I do a hammer. That is how useful this tool is.

Ryobi Cordless Drill

Great for any precision cuts and a must-have for any angle cuts.

Used the miter saw to cut the flooring planks in the dining room floor project and also to cut the wood slices for the wood river accent flooring project.

Buy The Same Hitachi Miter Saw

This is a must for any large scale sanding projects, we used it to sand our plywood flooring and the wood slice flooring accent.

Buy The Same Black and Decker Belt Sander

This was the perfect tool for cutting the boards in our Plywood flooring project.

Buy The Same Ryobi Circular Saw

This is a go-to for so many different projects. It’s great for fast cuts that don’t need a crisp cut line.

It’s what was used to cut out the bear shape from plywood.

I bought this tool to cut the bottom of the door molding in out plywood flooring project

It worked really well for that project, it has a bunch of other attachments – making it useful for all kinds of different things.

Also used this tool a lot for the wood river that separates the living room and dining room


Buy The Same Rockwell Oscillating Multi-Tool

These are the paint brushes we used to apply the stain on the plywood flooring project

Buy The Same 4 Inch Paint Brushes

We used the palm sander on the wide plank plywood flooring project.

Buy The Same Skil Palm Sander

I’ve done many DIY projects without the ear muffs, during the plywood flooring project I decided to get these guys.

Wow, what a difference! From now on whenever I use any loud tools, these guys are going on first!


Buy The Same Safety Works Hearing Protection

A Rotozip is a very versatile tool. It’s what we used to make the cuts in the wood flooring along the fire place and anywhere we had complex cuts to make.

It was also used to do some of the wood river cuts into the flooring.

Buy The Same Rotozip

This table saw has worked out perfectly for me. With the stand, it’s the perfect height to easily do your cuts.

I love the way it extends to the right and backwards to support the pieces of wood when doing your cut.

Buy The Same Skil Table Saw

We could not have finished the wide plank plywood floors in the dining room and living room if it wasn’t for this handy tool.

It made nailing down the plywood planks a breeze!


Buy The Same Bostitch Battery Powered Nail Gun

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