Adding a Pool Water Auto Filler

Why Do You Need To Install An Pool Water Autofiller

Well for me, the main reason I wanted to install a pool water autofiller was to prevent my pool pump from dying. 

The house is a vacation rental in Kissimmee, and during the dry season (November – June) the pool level would sometimes go lower than the skimmer and our pool pump would be running dry.

That kills the pool pump and it also stops the water from circulating – which isn’t good for the pool.

Another problem we had was with the hose.  Sometimes the pool people wouldn’t put it back where it belonged. 

Often times the hose would be within mowing distance, meaning the landscapers could accidentally run over the hose with the mower. 

We heard stories where that happened to others and the outside faucet got ripped out of the wall when the mower snagged the hose – YIKES!

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I looked for all kinds of solutions, and there are some out there – in my opinion they either didn’t look nice, took too much work to install or didn’t look durable enough for a vacation rental.

When visiting another vacation rental I came across this solution.

It doesn’t detect when the water is low, but it does fill the pool using a timer without the need to drag the hose out or put the hose away.

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The Shopping List

Tools List

We didn’t use too many tools on this project, here’s a list of the tools we used on this project

Miter Saw

Supplies List

These are the supplies used on this project

3/4″ inch PVC Pipe

3/4″ 90 degree connectors

3/4″ couplers


Hose to PVC adapter

PVC Glue

PVC Cleaner

This is a pretty easy project, it took maybe a couple of hours to complete – it has made life much easier for us and has given us peace of mind. Hopefully it will do the same for you.

Figuring Out Where To Put The Piping

It all depends where your closest outdoor faucet is and where on the pool deck you want to place the PVC pipe.

You’ll want to pick a place that is not too conspicuous or unsightly.

We had an outdoor faucet close to the pool heater and placed the PVC pipe right in the corner where the hot tub rises above the pool.

That was about as inconspicuous as we could get it.

How Much PVC Do You Need

Once you’ve identified the closest outdoor faucet and figured out where on the pool deck your PVC will come in, now it’s just a matter of measuring.

The PVC comes in 8 foot lengths, so using a tape measure loosely measure how many feet it is from the faucet to the area you chose for the piping – divide that number by 8 and that’s how many pieces of piping you need. I always get an extra one for good measure.

For each turn your piping will make you’ll need a 90 degree coupler and a straight coupler where you’ll be connecting two lengths of PVC together.

For our project we used:

  • 11 pieces of PVC
  • 5 90 degree couples
  • 8 straight couplers

Lay Out Your Piping

I like laying the PVC piping along the path that I’m going to be installing the PVC in, it makes it easier for me to visualize and make sure I have everything I need.

As far as burying the pipe, we have mulch all around the house so we just made a mini-trench in the mulch and once all the piping was installed we buried the piping in the mulch.

The Timer And Splitter

There are all kinds of sprinkler timers, we ended up going simple and using one that doesn’t need batteries – that way it always works. 🙂

You can install the timer anywhere on the piping that makes sense to you. For us we figured installing it next to the faucet was the best choice.

We were still going to need to use a hose on that faucet from time to time so we connected a hose splitter to it.

One side of the splitter was connected to the pool filler and the other side to the hose.

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That’s It

Sorry I don’t have more pictures than this – but this was done before I was going to start the blog so I didn’t think of documenting everything. 🙂

I’ll take some more pictures of the finished project and where I ran the piping etc the next time I’m at the house. 

What did you think? Is it something you could do for your pool? Let me know in the comments below!



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